Praise for working with Career Strategist
Stefanie Finkelstein

Powerful Coaching = Powerful Results.

Here are some of the recommendations and testimonials submitted by Stefanie’s clients.

Working with Stefanie as a coach has been an amazing experience. She has always been able to shift my mindset when I come across roadblocks through my journey. Stefanie’s ability to connect with me and boost my confidence level has really helped me through my interview process. She has a talent to listen to you with great compassion and genuinely is interested in who you are as a person. Anyone that has the chance to partner with Stefanie will successfully move forward through their life journey with more courage and determination.

Carolina F, Multi Unit Operations Leader & Recruiting Strategist; Gaithersburg, MD

Stefanie has been my coach for the last 3 years. Among many other things, Stefanie has helped me prepare for job interviews; in my job-search skills, and developing a career plan. The improvements–both professional & personal–have been remarkable.

Working with Stefanie has helped me develop confidence in my abilities, and I’ve become less timid in putting my ideas forward and making them a reality. My overall outlook on things just became progressively more positive, and that made an enormous difference in my life. I became a better Chef & a more effective leader.

Stefanie has many qualities but for her well-established competence & professionalism; her unwavering faith in her clients’ ability to exceed expectations, and her sincere caring alone, I’d highly recommend Stefanie to anyone seeking a coach who knows her trade, and who really cares about helping others succeed.

Nesrine O, Executive Chef / Culinary Director; Seattle, Wa.

Having Stefanie as an interview coach was a fun and enjoyable process. My confidence boosted in our idea sessions as she prompted me with creative, thoughtful, and specific steps for me to take. Stefanie asked me difficult questions that prepared me for a smooth and articulate interview — questions that helped me clarify my goals and solidify my presentation to potential employers. After working with Stefanie I was uplifted, confident and prepared to get the job I lined up in my scope. And by the way, I got the job!

Gabe F, Supervisor; Boise State University

After working with Stefanie I’m more aware of my leadership and personality strengths which allows me to better use them to my advantage. I’m also more adept at spotting the personality types of the members of my team. Stefanie truly has a passion for leadership coaching. She’s a strong communicator and a good teacher with a wide range of corporate and leadership experiences to draw from. From our work together I took away tools that prepared me for the different phases I would encounter with my new team. Knowing what to expect allows me to prepare in advance and keep the team dynamic headed in the right direction. I would absolutely recommend working with Stefanie as a leadership coach.

Brian G, Lead Engineer; Tech industry

After collaborating with Stefanie, my mindset shifted from overwhelm to a clear sense of direction & focus. Working with Stefanie is so helpful to my process, because I get understanding, compassion, and concrete action steps all in one. I feel truly inspired to step forward with courage after a session with her! Because Stefanie has been where I am today, and because she has a proven track record for getting great results, I really trust her instincts. I enjoy working with her immensely because of her calm and confident energy. I would *highly* recommend her as a coach, especially if you are, like me, an introvert hoping to bring your best self into your business and the world.

Michelle G, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach