Stefanie has been my coach for the last 3 years. Among many other things, Stefanie has helped me prepare for job interviews; in my job-search skills, and developing a career plan. The improvements–both professional & personal–have been remarkable.

Working with Stefanie has helped me develop confidence in my abilities, and I’ve become less timid in putting my ideas forward and making them a reality. My overall outlook on things just became progressively more positive, and that made an enormous difference in my life. I became a better Chef & a more effective leader.

Stefanie has many qualities but for her well-established competence & professionalism; her unwavering faith in her clients’ ability to exceed expectations, and her sincere caring alone, I’d highly recommend Stefanie to anyone seeking a coach who knows her trade, and who really cares about helping others succeed.

Nesrine O, Executive Chef / Culinary Director; Seattle, Wa.